Pico laser technology: Everything you need to know

Pico laser technology: Everything you need to know

Bright, clear and rejuvenated skin is all that we desire. As technology is evolving, so does the methods of beauty and cosmetic treatment. One of those innovative treatments includes 皮秒 treatment. It helps you get rid of several skin ailments such as acne scarring, skin imperfections, premature ageing, unwanted tattoos and more. These skin issues can shake your confidence and hamper your overall look. Pico laser treatment serves as one of the best solutions for eliminating such issues.

Pico laser treatment is a non-surgical, fastest and safe method to address a majority of skin imperfections such as acne scarring and spots caused by sun damage. It is currently one of the most preferred skin treatment methods in the market that offers noticeable results in just a few sessions as compared to other methods. It can be used to treat any part of your face and body.

How does Pico laser treatment work?

Pico laser is one of the most preferred choices for acquiring fast, effective and highly selective solutions of pigmented lesions and tattoos. In addition to this, the treatment also enhances elastin production in the skin making it look feel softer and look fuller and youthful. During this treatment, the laser sends ultra-short pulses of energy while eliminating heat to target the problem areas. The laser leaves an intense impact on the skin, making the pigmentation and particles shatter and leave the body naturally.

It is a very precise treatment where you can achieve the optimal photomechanical effect. Its high concentrated pulse energy does not harm the skin and feels gentle during the treatment. The laser does not burn the skin. However, the patient can still experience little to no discomfort during the treatment.

Why Pico laser treatment?

Why does Pico laser treatment is widely used? Well, it is a non-invasive, quick and safe option to deal with several skin ailments. Some of them include skin discolouration, scarring, and tattoo removal.

Skin discolouration: Skin discoloration would involve birthmarks, melasma, sun damage and other concerns that are not harmless yet, affects your overall look. This condition is difficult to eliminate with conventional treatment. Pico laser can serve as a permanent solution.

Acne scarring: Acne scarring can leave a permanent effect while resisting other effective treatment protocols. During the pico treatment, the laser creates thermal injury on a targeted area. Followed by this, the injured skin triggers the body’s natural healing process. This leads to collagen production and initiates the process of repairing and remodelling the skin.

Tattoo removal: If you wish to get rid of unwanted tattoos around your body, then a pico laser can be a perfect solution. The technology’s high specification helps intensify the speed at which it shatters the tattoo pigments. It requires only a few sessions to completely vanish the tattoo.

Benefits of pico laser treatment

  • Miminimized risk of damage to the skin.
  • Although the treatment causes a slight redness and swelling, it subsides after only a few hours.
  • The treatment method does not cause any pain.
  • It does not have any long-lasting side effects.
  • It is a super-fast treatment, requiring only 30 minutes per session.